New website

Posted by Jeremy on 9 September 2007 | 8 Comments


Yes, this is the beginning of a brand new skateboarding website. I hope that it proves to be useful for everyone that comes across it.

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  • good work jez

    Posted by rendawg, 25/10/2007 10:01pm (14 years ago)

  • ....I agree with you on that one Jerry Hsu.

    Posted by Jeremy, 04/10/2007 2:16pm (14 years ago)

  • bebabooboaobaoboaoa

    Posted by Jerry Hsu, 03/10/2007 6:40pm (14 years ago)

  • sup fellow felines

    Posted by edge youth, 21/09/2007 2:08am (14 years ago)

  • CPSC...................

    Posted by Jonah Lomu, 14/09/2007 2:25am (14 years ago)

  • That's what this site is for! When it's done you should have all the direction and resources you need to get into skateboarding. :)

    Posted by Jeremy, 13/09/2007 3:25am (14 years ago)

  • hey i wana start skating but i dont know how help

    Posted by Mimi, 13/09/2007 3:22am (14 years ago)

  • oh ok...


    Posted by James, 09/09/2007 8:47pm (14 years ago)